Friday, May 21, 2010

A Spice of Life...The Beginning

Where do I begin? How do I start my blog? What to write?...Questions and more questions..

Writing an essay is not my cup of tea, although during my High School years my friends and I would write letters every now and then, it was not as easy as frying an egg for me. Constructing sentences, finding descriptive words, synonyms and antonyms these are maddening and exasperating process which i need to deal every time i need to write, and here i am starting to write my own blog, will i survived?...Hopefully

In every aspects of our life there is spice in our relationship with our parents, spouse, children, friends, and even with our pets. It may be as sweet and fragrant as Cinnamon...pungent, warm and aromatic as Cardamon or strong and spicy as Cayenne pepper. Even in our daily walk in life we may experience powerful, sharp and slightly bitter as Cumin or pleasing and nutty as Wattleseed.

There are a lot of things that spice up my life and i believe one way or the other i have been a spice in other people's life what kind of spice am I then? After searching and reading for several spices in the internet I guess I am more closely similar to a Poppy Seed.

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Poppy Seeds are tiny like hard grain. The western type is slate-blue; while the Indian type is off-white. Both are kidney-shaped. They are similar in texture and flavour and their uses are interchangeable.

What are our similarities? The is mild until heated, then it becomes nutty with sweet-spicy under-tones. I am a shy, simple and quiet type of person and it takes a while to bring out the best in me. I need to get to know the person better before I can be comfortable with them, in our family I am the clown but when I'm with other people I'm like a plant called Mimosa Pudica (a sensitive/humble plant) (pudica = shy) it is a creeping or annual perinnial herb often grown for its curiosity value: the compound leaves fold inward and droop when touched or shaken; re-opening minutes later. I have a fun and enlightening personality blessed with patience (sometimes) and understanding...a doer than a thinker...listener rather than a talker. Need to warm me up before i release my aroma. What about you? What kind of Spice are you?

By His Grace,