Saturday, June 12, 2010

Spice Pets

Nope I'm not referring to the spices we put on our food but to our 3 bunnies and a dog. They are adorable, soft and cuddly. Well, they can be a spic
e too because they are sweet and warm but definitely not aromatic...

Our rabbits/bunnies are local breed that I bought at Cartimart. Initially we only have two, Snowball and Furball, but the second one died I think due to heatstroke. I thought that Snowball might get lonely so i bought another two...Cinnamon and Pepper. By the way, their names where given by a good friend who also like bunnies and dogs, a very creative girl indeed..Thanks a lot.

There are over 50 species of rabbits, the most common ones are Netherland Dwarf, Angora, and Mini Lop. They have a high reproduction rate that is why i bought female. They are herbivores (plant eating), i usually give them plenty of water, pellets, parsley and hay (grass or herbaceous plants). Rabbits are most active at dawn and dusk and often nap at day time.

Since Rabbits need to exercise I let them out of the cage every now and then to explore the wonderful world of our house. They like to hop around, sneak inside our TV stand or behind the fridge.

Another spice in our home is our dog named Zoe, I got her name from a Sesame Street character, a cute monster in orange (???). She was born November 10, 2008, a Shih Tzu breed-canine species, we were able to bring her home when she was a month and a half old. But before Zoe, we already have a dog who is also a Shih Tzu unfortunately because of old age and many complications Sasha died on the same year and month when Zoe was born. In God's perfect timing He has already prepared Zoe in the absence of Sasha...What a true blessing indeed!

Zoe is a very playful, sweet and hyper active dog. She really gets excited when somebody would come into our house either family members, visitors or strangers. She likes to be pampered with massage, she even gets sleepy when I do that to her and when she sleeps with us she likes to sleep on my pillow...Uhm...I wonder why?. I don't know if I will call it strange but she would rather be with people than with dogs.

Ahh..pets are a stress busters indeed....A great spice to have around the house.

By His Grace,


cherry said...

soo cute achi wen! cinnamon looks more orangey than the usual maybe you should have named her orange instead hehe :D

Sheena Ong said...

does zoe pee when she's excited? mine does and hops in the sofa? u know, dumbledore of harry potter,also francis kong,once said,u know if a person is kind,if s/he treats the animals kindly, and i think u are, no.., im SURE u are. actually,that's one of the criteria,francis will look for to his future son-in-law. buti u have time with them, how can your rabbit get used with our weather. i remember,when i was a kid,my 2 rabbits,died, then, i didnt trust myself anymore. our pets can give us fulfillment and happiness just by looking at them. btw,it's good that nicole,grew up with pets,she'll be a sweetheart someday

Wen said...

Hi che! i still like the name cinnamon :)

Wen said...

@ Sheena: no she doesn't pee, she just go hyper and hyper when she's excited. We put the rabbits near the window so they have ventilation. Nicole was beaten (slightly) by our first dog, good thing she did not have trauma, though she's not close with our first, she love our second as her little sister.